How do I get rid of norton pop-ups?

Keep getting a message inh bottom of screen; Someone has tried to break into your system. I believe my <ipconfig /all> the night before was the culprit, but how do I get rid of the pop-up?
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If you want to disable the notifications, you may need to do that for each component of Norton program such as Intrusion prevention, Autoprotect etc. Also, disabling the notifications may sometimes harmfull for you since you won't be knowing the security information from your Norton program such as whether any security risks entered into your computer when accessing Internet and whether Norton program is able to block that. Instead of disabling the notifications, the best thing you can do is to enable the Full Screen Detection and Silent Mode from your Norton Antivirus 2009. It is under Miscellanious Settings.


When you run an application in the full-screen mode, such as when you watch a movie, play games, make a presentation or when a screensaver runs, Norton 2009 program detects the application and switch over to Silent Mode. In Silent Mode, Norton program suppresses most of the alerts and suspends background activities. Only those activities run that are involved in protecting your computer from viruses and other security threats. Minimum background activities also ensure high performance of your computer. The activities that are suspended run after you finish using an application in the full-screen mode or when the application exits from full screen mode. You can also disable the Idle time scanning manually, so that Norton program won't run the scan when your computer goes into sleep mode or idle.

If you use Norton, you may need to put up with these, or your system may be at risk, when a threat goes unnoticed by you, because you've told your security software to be quiet.

Honestly,  I don't believe you typing "ipconfig /all"  one night  should be causing ongoing notices like you think.   If the software is saying that,  I strongly suggest  reviewing the logs/displays in the software for more details; it's probably something else,  but make sure you are acknowledging the notice properly....

Real useful Eh?  That your security software keeps claiming "someone tried to break in",   BUT  it won't tell you why it thinks that.

On the other hand, if something serious ever does happen, you may not notice it, because you're used to getting junk alerts also....

Since the notice is showing up when you know for a fact a compromise isn't occuring, you may need to tune detection settings and/or  turn off some protections  in the options panels...   The software doesn't give you a lot of flexibility to have detailed notification level controls.

When your Norton subscription runs out, I recommend getting rid of it instead of renewing/buying the latest and replacing with a less obnoxious piece of software like  Eset smart security,  Avira, Trend-micro, Kaspersky    plus some  antimalware solution like  PrevX, Malwarebytes, or Superantispyware.

If you've got to have a firewall,  consider Blink.
Granted, this requires further investment... how much depends if you are a corporate user or not.

However, it's not that much, when you consider how expensive Norton AV actually is,  and how many threats actually target and neutralize it.

There are a lot of good choices of security software; IMO  Norton is not a good one.   Hence my recommendation to switch products in order to get rid of Norton annoyances.

(Gratuitous popups are just one of the annoyances.   Another is the bloated UI and background software with heavy system requirements: a huge footprint that reduces the performance of the system while you're trying to get actual work done using your computer.)

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