amd64 & i386 folders appeared on another drive after Windows Update for Server 2003

After a Windows Update to Windows Server 2003, two folders appeared:

amd64 & i386

The folders appeared on a drive other than the C-drive even though there is plenty of room on the C-drive.

Has anyone seen this happen or can anyone explain this?
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Was the update you applied a ServicePack?  I think it is the one the extracts the files to the last available drive with the funny name and the amd64 and i386 deals with updates for X64 and X32.
AMD64 has the 64 bit systems and i386 is for the 32bit systems.
Could you provide some more information?
What were you updating?  Is the drive where these folders appeared the last Harddrive letter?

What was the update that you ran?
Is there anything in those directories?
rhascallAuthor Commented:
I had done normal Windows Updates the same day that these folders appeared.

Yes, the drive that these showed up on is the last drive letter.

There is folder with a long name (i.e. d:\dc15555fe2224ffe751a3) and the amd64 and i386 folders are within it. The amd64 and i386 folders have files with the following extensions in them:

dll, cat, inf, gpd, ppd, dll, dll

It looks like this happened during the Windows update.
rhascallAuthor Commented:
The update had a SP for a component within it, so that must be what it's for. One last question, is it okay to delete this folder?
usually when the update completes the folder is deleted.  the process might need a restart to complete. do not delete the folders until you  restart.
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