WARNING - Fatal Error 631 occurred , Sybase


In one of the shell script, which calls the stored procedure ,I am receiving the following error:
Msg 21, Level 21, State 1:
Server 'servername', Procedure 'Procedure name', Line 92:
WARNING - Fatal Error 631 occurred at Apr 27 2009 10:12PM.  Please note the
error and time, and contact a user with System Administrator (SA).
Now when I run the stored procedure in DBArstisan with the arguments, it works fine .
This stored procedure is called several times in the shell script and it always fail in the first call, no matter what is the argument.

One trick when it worked was I ran "delete from <Tablename>" from DBArtisan

and then ran the shell script which call stored procedure and it ran fine.

what could be the reason for this error? I asked my DBA but he don't see any problem in the log files


Shell Script
create index indexmane.<Tablename>()
delete from <Tablename>
<Procedurename> "Arg1","Arg2"
<Procedurename> "Arg1","Arg3"
<Procedurename> "Arg1","Arg4"
<Procedurename> "Arg1","Arg5"

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alpmoonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This error indicates that there is a data corruption. If DBA don't see any other errors in errorlog, it might be related to another index on the table. Is there any other index on that table? Or what about other tables involved? You may need to recreate a corrupt index.

Or you can ask DBA whether they are running dbcc checkdb or checktable or checkstorage regularly. They might have missed some errors reported during dbcc.
rbhargawFounderAuthor Commented:
Recreating the index solved the problem.Thanks Alpmoon
rbhargawFounderAuthor Commented:
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