Mutliple Email accounts in Outlook 2002

I use MS Outlook XP 2002. My email provider is currently for the majority of my mail needs both sending and receiving. They use a POP/SMTP format with POP@ 110 and SMTP @25.

My former email provider was (Cablevision in NY). They too had the same POP & SMTP settings.

My question is why do I continue to receive email from the account? I canceled my contract with them almost a year ago. Shouldn't mail sent to that old address be returned "undeliverable"?

I realize I failed to contact those folks which only have my old email address and tried my best to advise them of the change, but I must have missed many.

Actually I don't want to give up this old email address if I can keep it and ween the senders to my newer address. I thought once you canceled your account all of your email using that address ceases.

The only annoying issue is that when Outlook goes out to seek new incoming email or sends email out, I get an error/task message saying the Optonline outgoing server is unable to connect (0X080042109). I just close it until the next time it pops up. Will this condition create some sort buildup of error messages which could lock up Outlook causing me to have to do a "in Place" repair of Outlook????

Can anyone explain what's going on?
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can turn off the Send/Receive from Optonline by deleting the account in Outlook, or disabling that account in Tools > Options > Mail Setup General tab > Send/Receive button. Delete Optonline account in the Group to send.
Hello ginovino,

Optonline may have forgot to turn off incoming mail to you but seem to have turned off sending.  Use this glitch to inform older users of your address change.

As to send error, in Optonline account settings, remove the send settings, or set it to Verizon send settings.  This should disable the send error.

Hope this helps!
ginovinoAuthor Commented:
I already have as the default send / receive settings. However, continues to search for outgoing mail when none exists under that ISP or in my Email settings. That is likely why I'm getting the send errors ( they are just more annoying than anything else).

I just want to make sure that it won't affect any Outlook settings invisibly.
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ginovinoAuthor Commented:
So If I leave it alone, I will continue to get send errors.I think I will see who continues to use my old email account and advise them to change over to my new one.

You did not address any potential to corrupt Outlook files in any way.
The error will not corrupt Outlook.
ginovinoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your immediate response. In the interim, I will keep the old email address active in Outlook and deal with the error messages for the short term and then advise senders of my new email address.
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