Creating a secondary Domain Controller in my company?

I have 5 servers in my company all running windows server 2003.
Only one of them is a DC, I want to make another server a DC just in case the primary goes down, how would I go about doing this?
I was thinking of using my Exchange server as the secondary DC, would this be suitable, i.e. does it matter which server I choose
Many Thanks
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Darius GhassemConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Don't install AD on the Exchange box. Install AD on a file server. The process of adding a second DC is very easy.

Go to the server you want to make a DC.

Go to Run type dcpromo.
Techno-Man-ukAuthor Commented:
ok what would happen if exchange had AD installed on it?
Darius GhassemCommented:
You never want Exchange on a DC. I'm not a Exchange expert but I know you don't install AD on a Exchange box if all possible because of issues.
MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Running DCPROMO on a server with Exchange installed is not supported and will usually break Exchange.

You can run Exchange on a DC, although it isn't recommended, but if you are going to do that then the machine needs to be a DC before Exchange is installed.

Techno-Man-ukAuthor Commented:
ok ill just pick another server then
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