javascript validation not working in FIREFOX & IE8

My form is located here:

The javascript validation works on when I test it from work (Firefox 3.0.10 and IE 8), but when I'm on my home computer with the same browser versions, there is no form validation.  
I ran the error console in Firefox and got the attached error (form_error.gif)
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Make sure you have javascript turned on at home. You should also check Page.IsValid on your submission click.
kimberlys777Author Commented:
thanks, strickdd.  I do have javascript turned on at home, but I'm not sure how to check Page.IsValid on my submission click.  The code from my submission button is pretty standard:  
<input type="submit" name="submit" id="submit" value="Submit Referral" tabindex="800" />
kimberlys777Author Commented:
I just rebooted my computer, cleared my cache and the validation works now.  If you have any idea what the issue may have been, I'm hoping I can fix it before it becomes a problem for any of my users, who won't have time to reboot/clear cache when they need to use the form.
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