Change group policy for firewall in SBS 2003

I need to give full access to windows firewall back to the individual workstations.  Some options are currently grayed out and it says that group policy settings are the cause.  They are in a domain environment with an SBS 2003 Server as the DC.  How do I access the group policy and which setting(s) do I change?
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This indicates that either the setting for firewall control have been set in the "default domain policy" or you are seeing the bug seen during the XP SP3 update.  In either case you can correct the issue by modifying the default domain policy in the DC.  Here are the changes you need to make:

From the DC launch Group Policy Management

Then modify the default domain policy:
Computer Configuration=> Administrative Templates=> Network=> Network Connections=>Windows Firewall

Once you have made the changes to the DC it will propagate to the clients... to have the setting applied immediately, run gpupdate on the xp clients.
willmarpleAuthor Commented:
I will try your solution out this afternoon and get back to you.  Thanks for the reply.
willmarpleAuthor Commented:
Thanks MrPezo
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