recover deleted item retention on exchange 2007

I need to recover a user's mailbox including the deleted item retention to another user on Exchange 2007 SP1.  I can create the recovery storage group, restore the database to it (Backup Exec 12) and copy the user mailbox data from it to a folder on the second user.  I cannot see any of the original user's emails that were in the deleted item retention area.  Can someone help me with what to do next?

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jdavidsbsAuthor Commented:
Solved this with help from MS.
What you are trying to do is not possible, the way you are trying to do it. See, once mails are backedup, the Deleted mails in Dumpster are gone for that user, so when restoring from backup you are not going to get those mails back. Those mails are gone
The only easy way, I can think of is login via Outlook, Goto Deleted Items folders, then goto Tools -> OPtions --> Recover Deleted Mails and recover those mails, else  you are going to unnecesarily run aorund a lot with no success
Let me know
Nitin Gupta (gupnit)
jdavidsbsAuthor Commented:
gupnit,  thanks for the response and I may not understand this completely, but...

I have the deleted item retention on the database set at 30 days.  I run regular backups of the databases for disaster recovery.  What sense does it make to not be able to back up the deleted item retention, and have it automatically erase this information after a backup?  If this is the case, then do I need to not ever make a backup, because if I do I will always lose some data?  

I did check the recover deleted items folder from the client, but it is empty.  The user was moved from one DB to another DB and then back again.  This process I believe removed the deleted item rentention for the user.  I want to restore the user back to before the DB move and recover this information.

Thank you!
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