ntbackup GUI won't open, but ntbackup.exe is in task manager processes

I've been using ntbackup on some XP Pro machines at a client site to run nightly scheduled backups. Recently one machine quit doing the backups. I went to the machine and tried to open ntbackup and it just kind of flashed and went away. I don't think I even ever saw a glimpse of the gui, but I don't remember. Either way I can't work in the GUI because of this. There is, however, an ntbackup.exe process running in task manager. I ran into this exact problem on my home pc about a year ago and fixed it after searching and finding a fix on the internet but I can't remember or find the fix again.
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bwierzbickiAuthor Commented:
I found it. The problem was that the removable storage wouldn't start because of a corrupt database. Here is a link to the knowledgebase article to fix it http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=235032
I only had to:
1. disabel the removable storage service, reboot the computer
2. Use Windows Explorer to view the %SystemRoot%\System32\NtmsData folder, and rename the existing files in this folder to a .old file extension, or copy them to a different folder.
3. Set the properties for removable back from disabled to automatic
4. Start ntbackup
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