getRemoteHost() returns local loop back address not uri


Not at all familar with JSP, but received some help previously setting up a switch between environments.  However the getRemoteHost() is returning the local loop back address rather than the URI.
if (request.getRemoteHost().equals("")) {*/
				// TEST
				DebugLog.write("Hostname Test:"+request.getRemoteHost()+FileNwline);
				db_host 			= "xxx";
				db_service_name 	= "xxx";
				stringZopeURL 	= "hxxx";
				stringTTWP 		= "";
			} else if (request.getRemoteHost().equals("")){

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Gibu GeorgeConnect With a Mentor Chief Technology OfficerCommented:
If you are using windows machine

goto <Windows folder>\system32\drivers\etc\

open the hosts file and add the entry <hostname you want to display>

save it

restart the server
Gibu GeorgeChief Technology OfficerCommented:
add and the hostname you want to be returned to the hosts file
vrmetroAuthor Commented:
not sure what that means, again real new on JSP; mind an example?
vrmetroAuthor Commented:
I'll give it a whirl and let you know, thanks
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