Ohher users Printers show and can be accessed by User_A who is logged into their own terminal server session

How do you resolve this occurring ?
I have user_A who logs into their terminal server session and can see AND access all other terminal servers users' Printers.Why does this occur?
User_A is not a terminal server admin, but is just a member of the Authenticated Domain Users group so they have no priveeges to change anything.

If you happen to delete these "sessions", it deletes the other logged in users printers who are in THEIR own terminal server sessions.
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holder-01Author Commented:
Hey there,

Thanks for this suggestion but unfortunately it doesn't resolve my current situation. I did check and none of the users have rights to manage printers, but only "print" rights.
holder-01Author Commented:
Any other feedback guys on this scenario that occurs for my environment ?
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