Totally locked out of Win2k8 Domain

History.  New, about to migrate to, Windows Domain using W2k8 Server Enterpise. 2xDCs, Member Server for Symantec Backup Exec12.5, Clustered Servers for Shared data Folders.

Problem. (NOT me honest!) Admin pushed out new GPO policy and now all servers have no permissions to run anything. Any command from Windows folder and below gives Acces or permission denied even using local admin account. Unable to restore as again, permission problems.

Action. Built a new bare metal server w2k8 Ent using original names etc and loaded Symantec BE 12.5 hoping this will become the new master DC after a restore. starting the BE services as Local System.
Attached Iscsi storage containing Backup to Disk files backups and inventoried and catalogued media ok but when a system state restore is attempted (in <F8> DS Restore mode) the restore fails. When I try and test the resouce credentials for the job the result is access denied.

I am so out of new ideas of how to at least regain my new Active Directory forest and domain. Help...
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DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Try steps 1-8 here to reset the permissions 
peter235Author Commented:
Sorry for delay but I have been out after a heart attack which I hope is ok as an excuse in keeping this question open. We did not use your solution and have completely reformatted reloaded the entire 2k8 domain and have a proper disaster recovery solution in place for next time. Please keep the points for giving such a quick response to a hard problem.
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