VB.net - Intellisense XML comments not working

Hello Experts,

I have two vb.net projects (class libraries).  In one, Intellisense works just fine for XML comments (also, I notice that the tags are grey while the text is green and the triple-quote autogenerates comments)

in another project, I get no such good-ness.  Comments are all green.  Intellisense doesn't work, so I can't easily see the available xml tags.

how can i fix up the second project?

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kaufmed 👽Commented:
Do you perhaps have two different user settings files (.suo) between the projects?
sfun28Author Commented:
I do...these projects are in different solutions.  Can I just replace the suo of one with the other?  wiil that break anything?  Or should I crack open the suo and change some attribute?
kaufmed 👽Commented:
The .suo is binary, so I don't think cracking it open will work. What you could try, though, is make a backup of the "non-functional" one, then copy the "functional" one over. I imagine you'll have to restart VS for changes to take effect.
sfun28Author Commented:
I was able to copy the "functional" one over, but it doesn't change the intellisense - that must be controlled by some other file/function.  any ideas?
sfun28Author Commented:
figured it out.  you have to select the "generate XML documentation file" option in the project properties

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