Group policy in XP workstation missing User Admin Template folders

I have two new XP desktop machines that are in a workgroup. When I try to use group policy to define policies such as default screen saver, screen saver timeout, etc., I don't see the items in the Administrative Templates section that I'm accustomed to seeing. I confess that I haven't set up systems in workgroups for a while, but it doesn't make sense that these get pushed by the DC.

Specifically, the only folder under User/ Admin Templates is "Windows Components".

Suggestions? Thanks in advance
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DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Right click on Administrative Templates and select add/remove templates and add system
ovidbaileyAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Never had to do this before except when building my own console. DOH! Unusual that the default config from Dell omitted this group.
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