ERROR - notification dll has not been registered, program will not work correctly

I have a Dell D600 laptop running XP Pro.

When trying to boot up my laptop an error occurs stating Wireless Configuration...."Notification dll has not been registered, program will not work correctly" .  After clicking "ok" the boot hangs without showing any desktop icons or access to any functions of the laptop.  I tried to boot in safe mode but the boot hangs up again.

I am wondering if I can disable the wireless capabilities so I can access my work files and begin to backup my documents.  I can worry about reloading the drivers, etc. at a later time but would at least like to return to work.  Accessing the internet is important but at least I would like

I tried to run the system setup but I am novice at best and did not want to muddy the water any further.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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warturtleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can backup important stuff to external drives using Midnight Commander utility on the Dr Web CD. Its will allow you to backup your important stuff. When your PC boots up from the Dr Web CD, that is when you will see Midnight Commander on the desktop, double-click that and use that to copy the required files to an external storage.
Did you install anything new on this PC? or have you had any virus infections in this PC?? Easiest option that I can suggest is that burn a Dr Web Cure It live CD and use that CD to boot up the system and then scan for viruses and remove them, then try to log into the system again. You can download the ISO file from: and the same webpage also has instructions on how to run it.

After downloading the ISO file, get a blank CD and burn the ISO file as an image and not like a normal data CD. You might have to use a CD Burning program like Nero or Sonic or other ones.

Although the wireless card can be disabled from the BIOS, sometimes its called as Radio Device or Wireless Card in there.

Hope it helps.

EngelhaaAuthor Commented:
I ran AdAware shortly before it starting acting funny.  I am wondering if one of the "viruses" that were found (and subsequently deleted) were needed for the wireless device to work.

Again, I am looking to somehow disable the internal wireless so I am able to access my work files.  Is there any way to do this using the setup (F2 on boot screen)?  I found the page that shows my "Wireless Configuration"

Onboard Bluetooth:     Not Installed
MiniPCI Devise:            Wireless
MiniPCI Status:            Enabled
Wireless Control:       <Fn+F2>/Application
Wireless:                     On

I was thinking to change the "MiniPCI Status" to Disabled and "Wireless" to OFF but it wont let me change the values.  Any ideas?

As aforementioned, I am looking to get it to boot up so I can get some work files off.  I can then try to your suggestion about burning the Dr Web CD.
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EngelhaaAuthor Commented:
Thanks.....but I would still like use of the computer.

Is there any way to disable the internal wireless?  I would like to try that first before running to the store to get a burnable CD.
EngelhaaAuthor Commented:
Can you give me a quick tutorial on how to back up my files using Midnight Commander.  I have the CD loaded up and am struggling on how to locate and copy the files I wish to copy to an external hard drive.  Thanks!
You can turn off wireless by using the Wireless Switch to turn the adapter off. Or Have you tried highlighting the 'On' option and pressing enter to change values in BIOS for Wireless?? You can also use the key for wireless that is mentioned as:

Wireless Control:       <Fn+F2>/Application

As soon as your computer starts up, you can press Fn+F2 and that should allow you to toggle between the ON and Off states of the wireless adapter.
Dr Web CureIt CD is basically a small linux system and would use linux terminology, the first hard-disk is referred to as /dev/hda1 (C:\) , second one is /dev/hda2 (D:\) and so on. The external USB drive are referred as - /dev/sda1 , /dev/sda2 and so on. So you need to find the /dev/hda1 in the left screen, copy the file to /dev/sda1 on the right side.

I hope that is straightforward, if not there is another option but involves burning another live CD - Knoppix, its very intuitive and Windows-like. You'll see the icons for Hard-disk, USB drive on the desktop itself which you can choose to copy/paste from. It can be downloaded from:

Hope that helps.
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