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Can someone please give me a quick tutorial on how to use Midnight Commander to copy and paste files from the hard drive to an external hard drive.

I am trying to back up some of my documents that are currently on a non-bootable machine.  I am very novice and am struggling on how the programs works and how to search for the files I am trying to back up.

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In mc you have two panels. In one panel select your destination by navigating to that destination. The tab key allows you to move the from one panel to the other. The cursor keys allow you to move up or down in the file or directory tree, enter on a directory moves you into that directory. Like this you navigate to where you want to copy the data to.

Then tab to the other panel and follow the same method to navigate to the files you want to copy. When the bar is on a file you want to copy just press F5 and it'll be copied to the place in the other panel. You can also select more than one file by pressing ins on the file and then repeat that for the next and so on. This highlights the selected files in another color, and once you have selected all the files you want to copy again press f5.
This might help you.


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