extract sdf data files from new format autocad .dwg files

Is there a batch-line conversion program to extract sdf data files from newer .dwg format files, specifically AutoCAD Map 2009? The version of sdfld32i.exe I am using requires me to save drawing files in the AutoCAD 2004 format and the export program runs fine, but if I don't do the conversion the program reports that it doesn't recognize the input file format.
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Another work around is to download Autodesk's free TrueView application (It's an OEM version of AutoCAD that only views and prints). Included in TrueView is the old DWGConvert functionality.  This will let you batch convert your drawings to 2004 format which will in turn allow you to export them to SDF.
berniepetAuthor Commented:
The issue here is to not have extra copies of different versions of the dwg file.

All of the versions of AutoCAD Map can export the sdf-2 format if you go through the export process; I am trying to replicate the "good old days" when you could save the drawing file, close autocad, and  single click of a .bat file would do the export into our MapGuide 6.5 sdf directory correctly using the pre-set export parameters. Using the export procedure in autocad created problems with confusion over such things as coordinate systems.

What I am hearing is that Autodesk has not released any new exe files that will do what I want. So I guess it's back to using the export process.
With a little programming, tieing into some reactors or events in AutoCAD, you should be able to have it export upon save oand/or close of the drawing provided AutoCAD MAP has an API that covers the export functionality.

There's way around it but sounds like it'll be more work (programming) to get it setup.

Not being a AutoCAD MAP user, not sure what would happen if you configured AutoCAD MAP to save as it's default 2004 format...if it even can.....not all vertical AutoCAD products can save to the older formats.
berniepetAuthor Commented:
I don't want a complex solution, but I'm looking for an OTS easy solution like the old sdfld32i.exe provided, except that it reads the new .dwg formats, and writes out the SDF-2 formated files from a command line. So the ideal solution would be an .exe file that takes directives similar to the old one, without the mess of multiple .dwg files in different formats.

Sounds like such a beast doesn't exist.
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