FTP permission issue

I have an FTP server setup on my Server 2003. I have an administrator and two other users that were able to open windows explorer and type in ftp://mydomain.com and it would prompt for UN/PW.

All three users & pass' worked just fine, now I get this error message. I can go to ftp://mydomain.com in my browser and it'll let me view the files on the FTP server after entering the same credentials.

Why did this suddenly change?

The XP machine is getting this same error. This machine I installed Windows 7 Beta. (only change so far - none made to server)

Server is not setup for anonymous access - I only want the admin, and two user accounts to be able to log into the FTP.
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tenaj-207Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Windows 7 should support this.  Do you have any Vista machines with this same issue?  Also try installing the latest Windows 7 RC.
Does it work using an FTP Client like WS_FTP, FileZilla, or CoreFTP?  If it works with that then I would abandon using IE7 or any other web browser to perform FTP transfers.  If you must use a browser, then I would go to IE6, or better yet, create a .bat file like this:

explorer.exe ftp://foldername:password@ftp.domain.com

save the .bat and keep it on your desktop and execute the .bat file to connect in windows explorer quick and easy.
Stangman66Author Commented:
Now my XP machine can connect  through windows explorer by typing ftp://mydomain.com and entering credentials. However my Windows 7 machine is not allowing me to do this..

Here's the error message. This just something windows 7 will not support?
sharkbot221984Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Haven't used Windows 7 yet.  I've read a few things lots of people having issues with FTP through explorer on Windows 7, some people have problems with IE7 and/or8 as well, some don't, some have success with FireFox some have limited success with FireFox, some have success with some FTP programs (SmartFTP I think I saw someone said worked, but FIleZIlla fails).  Looks like it's a known issue that is supposed to be fixed in future builds of Windows 7.  Hope this helps.
Stangman66Author Commented:
reinstalled with Windows 7 RC
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