Hi all,

Iam  trying to do teaming in a windows  server  running citrix application which is connected to a hp switch.

After teaming  Iam facing frequent disconnections from the server.Before teaming there was no disconnections.
kindly suggest a reason for this?

Please suggest what steps needs to be done on switch perspective for teaming in a server?Any specific step for HP switch

kindly help
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You need to give us more information. What nics are you trying to team and how are you trying to team them?

I know that I will receive a lot of contrary opinions, but still I want say mine.

Teaming are on various type: load balance, failover, ...
However it is a further level of sw and then complication.

I use it, but me too, often, have to disable.

If you have not bandwidth problem, and you have already a failover system
(Faiolver Cluster, Virtualizzation, NLB, and Citrix Server Farm) and you have jet
encountred problems, disable it.

Probably (sure), there is way to make it going, but updating
NIC fw, device driver, Teaming SW, ETH-Switch FW, with the risk
to lose time and create other problems.

Agree with comment above except we use Fail on fault teaming.
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citrix application which is connected to a hp switch....

Is it a load balancing teaming?
Normally, if you have only one switch, you can only configure load balancing teaming. Failover (fault tolerant) teaming requires two switches, each connects to a switch to fully utilize the feature. These two switches serve the same subnet. So when one switch or NIC goes down, other will pick up. I don't recommend to configure failover teaming on your NIC if both ports connect to a same switch.

There is no problem to run Citrix load balancing with NIC teaming to failover or load balancing. As long as you configure it properly.

phoenix26Author Commented:
Hi all,

thanks for your feedbacks.Both connected to same HP switch.After breaking teaming also facing the same issues of  disconnections .please help

After breaking teaming also facing the same issues of  disconnections....

After breaking the team, do you still have the two NICs connected to one switch? If yes, it's the problem. You should only connect one NIC card to your switch since the switch is only set to one vlan. When you team your NICs, the two physical NICs should not have any IP addresses. The ip address should only set on the Virtual Teaming NIC.

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