can i transfer sbs 2003 cals to sbs 2008 premium?

    i actually have two concerns.
1) can i transfer the cals from my sbs 2003 server to sbs 2008? Give a simple answer or any thing we have to do to save cost.
2) Can i buy SBS 2008 premium OEM so i can have 2 servers, but only buy additonal standard cals because i dont really need all users to use SQL? Thanks guys
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They're SBS CALs. They can only be 'transfered' to another SBS 2003 server.
However, you can join Windows 2003 / 2008 Servers to your SBS domain and the SBS CALS will cover access to these additional servers as well.  For 2008 Server, the SBS2003 CAL covers access to the 2008 server at least until 5/31/2009. Check your Server 2008 EULA for details.

reply to second qn:

SBS 2008 OEM is available with 5 CALs and there are OEM 5-CAL Standard and OEM 5-CAL Premium packs available (as a Device CAL pack or a User CAL Pack). Open Business Licensing CALs (Standard and Premium) are available from the distys in single SKU, 5- and 20-pack SKUs. And don't forget, an SBS 2008 CAL Standard can be used on both SBS 2008 Standard and SBS 2008 Premium systems if the user has no need to access SQL, however if they need to access the SQL component of SBS 2008 Premium, then (and only then) do they need an SBS 2008 CAL Premium.

Now, unlike SBS 2003, SBS 2008 has no Licensing Manager at all - you can technically add 75 users to the default 5 CALs and have them all log in without having any Licensing components stop you, however this is obviously a breach of Licensing, even though there's no technical enforcement in SBS 2008.
mun_84Author Commented:
Just before i reward points. I Need to clarify some stuff. What does this mean " the sbs 2003 cals covers access to the 2008 server" ? What kind of access? I have 40 user cals in sbs 2003 so does that mean i do not have to buy 40 cals for sbs 2008? and by saying end of may does that mean after that i got to buy? Cheers sorry this is such a confusing licensing system.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Licensing can be confusing... but this is pretty easy...

SBS 2003 CALs are for SBS 2003 based domains ONLY.
SBS 2008 CALs can be used for SBS 2008 based domains.

SBS CALs cover standard access to any other Windows server on the network.  Standard meaning file sharing and some basic other functionality.  SBS CALs do NOT cover Terminal Services, SQL (unless you are using Premium CALs), or other products that require CALs.
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