How do I optimize MySQL and TCP for a MySQL remote host?


I have recently made a dedicated server dedicated to MySQL and started to access it remotely over a private network. The problem is it becomes incredibly slow when a number of users start surfing my website (it takes 5-15 seconds for the page to load).

When I ping the server MySQL is running on from the client server I get around a 0.1ms latency - is this too high for cluster nodes? I have set MTU and txnqueuelen on both servers' eth0 to 7200 and 1000 respectively.

Are there any mysql config variables I should be adding or tweaking now that the client isn't connecting via unix socket?

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tomp_glConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Problem seems to be solved. Solution was to add the following to /etc/my.cnf:


was the problem for  skip-name-resolve ?

or engine-condition-pushdown ??

engine-condition-pushdown : looks like for query

and skip-name-resolve is to do with dns query,

but which one solved your problem ??
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