Problem with computers dropping off network


So I have two windows 2003 servers

Server1.mycompany.local: PDC,DNS,DHCP
Server2.mycompany.local: PDC,DNS,Exchange

Server1 has always been in this office, Server2 is from interstate (was the PDC at the interstate office)

Also server2 was on a diff IP range before it came into office, i have since put it on same IP range as server1

Users are getting booted off the network at random points, everything drops out they lose their IP address/network/internet etc. Sometimes a reboot fixes it, an ipconfig /release and renew also can fix it

I need to know where to look and whats going on, have taken this network over from someone else and it hasnt been worked on for over a year i'd say

Need help please!



im also getting this error on SERVER2, not sure if its relevant

Product:      Windows Operating System
Event ID:      5802
Source:      NetLogon
Version:      5.2
Symbolic Name:      NELOG_NetlogonNoAddressToSiteMapping
Message:      None of the IP addresses (%2) of this Domain Controller map to the configured site '%1'. While this may be a temporary situation due to IP address changes, it is generally recommended that the IP address of the Domain Controller (accessible to machines in its domain) maps to the Site which it services. If the above list of IP addresses is stable, consider moving this server to a site (or create one if it does not already exist) such that the above IP address maps to the selected site. This may require the creation of a new subnet object (whose range includes the above IP address) which maps to the selected site object.

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PDC is an emulator role only, and can only exist on one server, so you do not have two PDCs. With AD all domain controllers are equal.

However going by the error message, it would seem that your sites and services are wrong. The second server is probably in the wrong site and the subnet is configured incorrectly.

Personally I don't like lifting a domain controller from one site and putting it in to another. As long as it isn't running Exchange, I would DCPROMO it out, then correct the network settings and the DCPROMO it back in as a domain controller.

dazzydawazzyAuthor Commented:

Your correct, server2 was in fact in the wrong site/subnet in AD.

I have now corrected this with the event log error gone, they are still having some issues however.

server2 has exchange so cant be DCPROMO'd.

I have attached some screenshots of the workstation errors they are recieving
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