Installing Oracle Internet Directory on RHEL 5

I have Oracle Enterprise Edition 11g installed on an Intel Xeon box running RHEL 5.  I need to do a proof-of-concept security test on my Oracle database with enterprise users instead of database users.  Although I would eventually like to use OpenLDAP as my LDAP directory service, I am perfectly content to use Oracle Internet Directory (OiD) as the LDAP directory for my initial proof-of-concept.  [And, it seems that I may need to use OiD for the enterprise user security even if I use OpenLDAP as the directory service down the road.]  From my research, it seems that the only way to get the latest version of OiD is by installing Oracle Identity Management 10g (, which includes Application Server.  I downloaded the x86 Linux version of Identity Management 10g from the following site [].  Unfortunately, when I tried to install the software, I found that it is not supported for RHEL 5 [just RHEL 4].

Am I missing something?  Surely, there must be a way to install Oracle Internet Directory on RHEL 5.  Any suggestions?

Thank you!
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Check out patch #7391242 for the OIM

Normally you have to use (and to install) old versions of gcc* stuff.
Read the prerequisites in the installation manual and especially
how to set the kernel parameters and the packages.
Check all needed packages from the list of the documentation.
debra_meiersAuthor Commented:
Thanks, MikeOM_DBA!
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