Setting up avg spoofed senders options

I am using AVG email server edition but don't know how to configure this box.

I seem to have a lot of spam coming in that appears to be sent from myself or another user on my network and this looks like the way to stop it

I am running this on SBS 2003
Paul BurrowsAsked:
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blue-screenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm guessing, but I believe in this case you just list the IP address (or range) for the SMTP senders (or legitimate mail servers) who will set the "FROM" address to your domain.

leave offset blank

Now, any mail from needs to have that IP address in the header or it is blacklisted.


Seems like there are easier options than using that space.  

You should ask their tech support, though.  Seems like this is a subtle one.
Paul BurrowsAuthor Commented:
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