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Work for a national company, head office in one state with all the IT infrastructure, remote users access network from other office's via citrix..

windows 2003 servers, win2003 with SQL 2005 exchange 2003 win xp desktops etc etc

We have a a few big dirty shared drives for each department and one main share for all users, typical problems experienced, files are deleted/moved/renamed cant be found etc etc

contracts/important docs are lost etc

I need a document library i.e something to replace the shared drive, i'm familiar with Sharepoint but don't need all the added functionality, simple clean easy to use library..

no wiki's no team sites no coloboration, project portals shared calendars, contacts nothing like that.

just a simple library/respository etc with the ability to "check in & check out" files
Versioning is a bonus but not mandatory, being able to see who last edited would be good, ability to add reminders to file e.g. folder with contracts, ability to add reminder before contract expires.

So what does everyone use? quick clean simple, preferably easy and quick to setup.

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Amila HendahewaLead ConsultantCommented:
as you said, you can use windows sharepoint sevices v3, which is free. Just use the document libraries as required.
Quick, clean, easy and free, try subversion:
KerryJamesAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys I'm investigating both, it looks like ill end up just going with Sharepoint Services thanks..
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