Sendmail not process queue

Posted on 2009-05-01
Last Modified: 2013-12-17
Hi, i use openemm for send weekly newsletter to our customers. Openemm use sendmail for send email.
My problem is that send is very slow, for service sendmail status only return 2 process.
For send 50k emails take 24 hours.
I attach the config of
server has 4 gb ram

dnl #

dnl # This is the sendmail macro config file for m4. If you make changes to

dnl # /etc/mail/, you will need to regenerate the

dnl # /etc/mail/ file by confirming that the sendmail-cf package is

dnl # installed and then performing a

dnl #

dnl #     make -C /etc/mail

dnl #


VERSIONID(`setup for linux')dnl


dnl #

dnl # Do not advertize sendmail version.

dnl #

dnl define(`confSMTP_LOGIN_MSG', `$j Sendmail; $b')dnl

dnl #

dnl # default logging level is 9, you might want to set it higher to

dnl # debug the configuration

dnl #

dnl define(`confLOG_LEVEL', `9')dnl

dnl #

dnl # Uncomment and edit the following line if your outgoing mail needs to

dnl # be sent out through an external mail server:

dnl #

dnl define(`SMART_HOST', `smtp.your.provider')dnl

dnl #

define(`confDEF_USER_ID', ``8:12'')dnl

dnl define(`confAUTO_REBUILD')dnl

define(`confTO_CONNECT', `1m')dnl

define(`confTRY_NULL_MX_LIST', `True')dnl

define(`confDONT_PROBE_INTERFACES', `True')dnl

define(`PROCMAIL_MAILER_PATH', `/usr/bin/procmail')dnl

define(`ALIAS_FILE', `/etc/aliases')dnl

define(`STATUS_FILE', `/var/log/mail/statistics')dnl

define(`UUCP_MAILER_MAX', `2000000')dnl

define(`confUSERDB_SPEC', `/etc/mail/userdb.db')dnl

define(`confPRIVACY_FLAGS', `authwarnings,novrfy,noexpn,restrictqrun')dnl

define(`confAUTH_OPTIONS', `A')dnl


dnl #

dnl # The following allows relaying if the user authenticates, and disallows

dnl # plaintext authentication (PLAIN/LOGIN) on non-TLS links

dnl #

dnl define(`confAUTH_OPTIONS', `A p')dnl

dnl #

dnl # PLAIN is the preferred plaintext authentication method and used by

dnl # Mozilla Mail and Evolution, though Outlook Express and other MUAs do

dnl # use LOGIN. Other mechanisms should be used if the connection is not

dnl # guaranteed secure.

dnl # Please remember that saslauthd needs to be running for AUTH.

dnl #





dnl #

dnl # Rudimentary information on creating certificates for sendmail TLS:

dnl #     cd /usr/share/ssl/certs; make sendmail.pem

dnl # Complete usage:

dnl #     make -C /usr/share/ssl/certs usage

dnl #

dnl define(`confCACERT_PATH', `/etc/pki/tls/certs')dnl

dnl define(`confCACERT', `/etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt')dnl

dnl define(`confSERVER_CERT', `/etc/pki/tls/certs/sendmail.pem')dnl

dnl define(`confSERVER_KEY', `/etc/pki/tls/certs/sendmail.pem')dnl

dnl #

dnl # This allows sendmail to use a keyfile that is shared with OpenLDAP's

dnl # slapd, which requires the file to be readble by group ldap

dnl #

dnl define(`confDONT_BLAME_SENDMAIL', `groupreadablekeyfile')dnl

dnl #

dnl define(`confTO_QUEUEWARN', `4h')dnl

dnl define(`confTO_QUEUERETURN', `5h')dnl

dnl define(`confQUEUE_LA', `12')dnl

dnl define(`confREFUSE_LA', `18')dnl

define(`confTO_IDENT', `0')dnl

dnl FEATURE(delay_checks)dnl


FEATURE(`smrsh', `/usr/sbin/smrsh')dnl

FEATURE(`mailertable', `hash -o /etc/mail/mailertable.db')dnl

FEATURE(`virtusertable', `hash -o /etc/mail/virtusertable.db')dnl





dnl #

dnl # The following limits the number of processes sendmail can fork to accept

dnl # incoming messages or process its message queues to 20.) sendmail refuses

dnl # to accept connections once it has reached its quota of child processes.

dnl #

dnl define(`confMAX_DAEMON_CHILDREN', `20')dnl

dnl #

dnl # Limits the number of new connections per second. This caps the overhead

dnl # incurred due to forking new sendmail processes. May be useful against

dnl # DoS attacks or barrages of spam. (As mentioned below, a per-IP address

dnl # limit would be useful but is not available as an option at this writing.)

dnl #

dnl define(`confCONNECTION_RATE_THROTTLE', `9')dnl

dnl #

dnl # The -t option will retry delivery if e.g. the user runs over his quota.

dnl #

FEATURE(local_procmail, `', `procmail -t -Y -a $h -d $u')dnl

FEATURE(`access_db', `hash -T<TMPF> -o /etc/mail/access.db')dnl



dnl #

dnl # For using Cyrus-IMAPd as POP3/IMAP server through LMTP delivery uncomment

dnl # the following 2 definitions and activate below in the MAILER section the

dnl # cyrusv2 mailer.

dnl #

dnl define(`confLOCAL_MAILER', `cyrusv2')dnl

dnl define(`CYRUSV2_MAILER_ARGS', `FILE /var/lib/imap/socket/lmtp')dnl

dnl #

dnl # The following causes sendmail to only listen on the IPv4 loopback address

dnl # and not on any other network devices. Remove the loopback

dnl # address restriction to accept email from the internet or intranet.

dnl #

dnl DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp,Addr=, Name=MTA')dnl

dnl #

dnl # The following causes sendmail to additionally listen to port 587 for

dnl # mail from MUAs that authenticate. Roaming users who can't reach their

dnl # preferred sendmail daemon due to port 25 being blocked or redirected find

dnl # this useful.

dnl #

dnl DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=submission, Name=MSA, M=Ea')dnl

dnl #

dnl # The following causes sendmail to additionally listen to port 465, but

dnl # starting immediately in TLS mode upon connecting. Port 25 or 587 followed

dnl # by STARTTLS is preferred, but roaming clients using Outlook Express can't

dnl # do STARTTLS on ports other than 25. Mozilla Mail can ONLY use STARTTLS

dnl # and doesn't support the deprecated smtps; Evolution <1.1.1 uses smtps

dnl # when SSL is enabled-- STARTTLS support is available in version 1.1.1.

dnl #

dnl # For this to work your OpenSSL certificates must be configured.

dnl #

dnl DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtps, Name=TLSMTA, M=s')dnl

dnl #

dnl # The following causes sendmail to additionally listen on the IPv6 loopback

dnl # device. Remove the loopback address restriction listen to the network.

dnl #

dnl DAEMON_OPTIONS(`port=smtp,Addr=::1, Name=MTA-v6, Family=inet6')dnl

dnl #

dnl # enable both ipv6 and ipv4 in sendmail:

dnl #

dnl DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Name=MTA-v4, Family=inet, Name=MTA-v6, Family=inet6')

dnl #

dnl # We strongly recommend not accepting unresolvable domains if you want to

dnl # protect yourself from spam. However, the laptop and users on computers

dnl # that do not have 24x7 DNS do need this.

dnl #


dnl #

dnl FEATURE(`relay_based_on_MX')dnl

dnl #

dnl # Also accept email sent to "localhost.localdomain" as local email.

dnl #


dnl #

dnl # The following example makes mail from this host and any additional

dnl # specified domains appear to be sent from

dnl #

dnl MASQUERADE_AS(`')dnl

dnl #

dnl # masquerade not just the headers, but the envelope as well

dnl #

dnl FEATURE(masquerade_envelope)dnl

dnl #

dnl # masquerade not just, but @* as well

dnl #

dnl FEATURE(masquerade_entire_domain)dnl

dnl #

dnl MASQUERADE_DOMAIN(localhost)dnl

dnl MASQUERADE_DOMAIN(localhost.localdomain)dnl


dnl MASQUERADE_DOMAIN(mydomain.lan)dnl



dnl MAILER(cyrusv2)dnl

INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`bav', `S=unix:/home/openemm/var/run/bav.sock,F=T')dnl

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Question by:soyglobal
    LVL 26

    Expert Comment

    50k emails is a lot for one server. What is the size of each email? How much bandwidth is available for this server?

    Some sites will do throttling on you since you're sending so much mail. Like yahoo might tempfail you because you sent to too many of their users, so it'll take that much longer to deliver them all.

    Author Comment

    Bandwidth: 50 mbps
    The problem is that sent many slow, this systems should send 50k in 2-3 hours.
    So, i read that can be configurable the limit of emails per hour to ip, and config the sends to yahoo, hotmail, etc.
    Can you check my config file?

    Accepted Solution

    Close per not solution

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