Sample letter for excuse/waiver from ISO 9000 audit


This is off-topic.

I'm not too good with writing/phrasing such letters

Appreciate a few sample letters requesting for waiver so that we can
be excused from an  ISO 9000 audit

Some of the reasons are (you may leave them out if you feel the reasons
are not valid/justifiable and add any that you felt will help in justifying) :

a) there's a number of tight and critical projects for the whole of this year,
    namely upgrades and migration

b) we already have a couple other external audits

c) in view of the swine flu, there's a number of preparations for contingencies

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It doesn't sound as if you have a genuine reason to bunk the audit.  You are only delaying the inevitability of having it, so why not just do the necessary and prepare for it?
What does this have to do with Philosophy?
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
I've deleted the abandoned question.

Oh please, just help me knock up a convincing essay
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