downgrade HAL

i had a physical server with 2 processors. i virtualised it with 1 processor. do i need to downgrade the hal or will it be ok? if i do need to do this, how do i do it?
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65tdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It will be fine no issues.
 Also see the link below:
I would say that in many cases running a multi kernel Hal when you have only 1 CPU doesn't have any noticable effect but your guest will not perform as well as it would with the correct hal.
OH there is another issue which occures with non ACPI Hal mismatch situations where the guest will not be able to maintaintime, it will basicly loose 30 seconds each minute.
What operating system is your guest session.
Windows 2003 and XP will sort the HAL out them selves generally, WINnt is a bit of a mission and Win2k is a quick change.
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