Is it possible to change the Oulook Sensitivity categories to different values?


In Outlook when you generate a new mail, there is an option to set the sensitivity of an email. This then flags a message to the recipient that they need to treat the email appropriately.

The following sensitivity categories are available.
Normal, Personal, Private, Confidential

I have a requirement to try to change the sensitivity categories so that they have different names, so for instance 'Private' could become 'Internal'.

Does anyone know if this is possible? We are currently running Office 2002 (XP) but are planning to upgrade to 2007. Thanks.
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Hello Type45,

I think changing the category name is not possible in Outlook, check out microsoft's official page regarding Outlook sensitivity issues..

Hope that helps...
Type45Author Commented:
OK, thanks. I had thought this may be the case but wanted someone more experienced with Outlook to confirm this.
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