While file contains the Java runtime parameters, so can distribute same settings to all machines

We have installed Java 1.6_06 across 500+ machines and have just found that a Runtime parameter -Xmx512m need to be applied. Which file/registry entry can I change and then distribute so all machines are the same?
We are running Vista SP1 if that makes any difference
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When I need to do this I just create a batch file.

javaw -jar -Xmx512m program.jar

Then have the users run this instead of the jar. You can also then put some xcopy lines in so the computers can copy the latest version from a central location so you don't have to copy the file manually to every computer when you need to roll out a new version
In general, the Xmx parameter should be applied when starting the particular Java application that requires it - are you certain you want to set the heap size to 512m for every application that runs in the JVM??
There are several ways to apply this setting at the application level, one of which is suggested above.  More information about how your particular application is launched would allow us to give more specific advice.
The JVM has a Control-Panel applet called 'Java' - if you go to  the 'Java' (center) tab and click 'View...' you can set Runtime Parameters for the jvm, including Xmx here.
You can also changing the run commands in the registry entries:
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