How do I copy a floppy to another floppy?

I have a very old floppy, it is a 1MB floppy that is very worn out, I need to get all the data from it and copy it to another one, essentially, cloning it. The problem is that the floppy is not windows formatted, it is formatted with a proprietary format and is not readable on a regular pc. How can I clone the floppy?
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Some 7 years ago I used industrial software that had to be activated with a special key from a floppy, so the software could be active only on 1PC, as 1 license.
The computer/laptop was stolen and I was in big trouble for 1 month.
After I received a new floppy with activation key from software maker I decided to make a copy to avoid further possible problems, which was not easy because the floppy had a special protection for copy.
Then I create a image that worked - meaning the software worked outside of Windows, copying bit by bit raw data.
Was a great software that I recommend for your case. The name of the software was DiskDupe.
Just search with Google, and s which version will work for you.
For instance try this one for beginning: from 
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Sorry, can't provide step by step instructions, but I can say, you can use a Linux boot CD and then use the "dd" command to create a bit-for-bit copy.

Alex_CalcanAuthor Commented:
Thank you, I will try this and I will get back to you.
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If you have one floppy disk drive, you can still use DISKCOPY A: B: from the CMD prompt (start/run/cmd)

What the DISKCOPY will do is read the contents of the A: disk, and then say "Please insert disk for B:" (notice, not IN the B: drive, but FOR the  B: drive).

Alternatively, you can use WinImage -- a program that can do lots of useful things, including reading an entire floppy disk into memory, and allowing you to write the contents to a new floppy disk.

But DISKCOPY works fine, just remember the Diskcopy A: B: and don't be concerned when you're asked to put in a disk for the B: drive, it's the same physical device, but with a different floppy inserted to become the B: Disk.
Alex_CalcanAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately the disks can not be copied. I get read errors for all sectors. Is it possible thet my drive is too new, the disks I am trying to copy are 1.0MB?
Sorry, I missed the non-standard formatting issue.

If the disk you have is a NON standard format, Windows will not read it, which is what you are seeing.

Winimage may be helpful, since it can read non-standard floppies, and it might be useful.

There were times when people came out with these non-standard disks for a variety of reasons, one of them being game programs using funky formats to avoid such duplication, and others cramming extra data onto a disk by adding an extra sector to each track, or perhaps one extra track at the end of the list.

If this is an important project, consider Winimage

This might get around a non-standard formatting issue. Experiment with a standard floppy before trying to load the image of your non-standard floppy, so you understand how Winiamge works.

it will allow you to save the image to a hard drive, and to create another floppy from that image, or better, read the floppy, and copy the files to another standard formatted floppy.

Maybe this is what you're looking for.


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