how to create two dhcp scope in redhat 5

I am using microsoft dhcp and wanted to switch to linux dhcp.
And i wanted to use two range of ip

can anybody help me?
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In the simplest configuration you just need a single dhcp server, and a single config.
You add two subnet ranges to the dhcpd.conf.

Depending on what type of switches or routers you have, there are many ways to forward the dhcp requests from two seperate vlan's.

If you do not have switches or routers that can forward dhcp requests, you will need to run two different dhcpd daemons with two different config files, both having different scopes, one on each network interface.

First start with the manual page for dhcpd.

edit the /etc/dhcpd.conf with your favorite editor. It should have examples it in already.

You will need two scopes similar to this:

    subnet netmask {
      default-lease-time 600 max-lease-time 7200;
      option subnet-mask;
      option broadcast-address;
      option routers;
      option domain-name-servers,;
      option domain-name "";
chandar_bhandariAuthor Commented:
hi jbristle:

but how to configure two different network in dhcp.
should we need two NIC and two dhcpd.conf file.
chandar_bhandariAuthor Commented:
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