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Can't RDC into Server simultaneously?

Hello all,

I'm having issues not being able to remote into server along with another admin simultaneously. If I'm in a session, he remotes in, and kicks me out.  We are running  Windows 2008 Server & Windows XP clients. Server configered to accept RDC.
In SysProp. "Allow connections from computers running any version of RD;
RDP-Tcp Prop. Network Adapter tab>Max. Connections: 2

Why can't we both access the server without one of us being kicked off?

I shouldn't have to install Terminal Server, should I?

Thanks in advance.
1 Solution
no you shouldn't, but there may be an admin acount already in session and you both go after it.  If one of you looks at the users logged into the server when RDC'd do you see more than one already there and one is just "idle" or "disconnected"? You can also look at the terminal server manager to see what happens when the both of you try to connect.
Log off the console.

The console logon counts as a connection.


the thing is, that without installing Terminal Services there are only 2 RDP sessions and 1 Console session enabled, whereas console session doesn't only mean the local logon.
It depends on from which system are you connecting from.
I think on XP it's RDP session by default and if you want to establish a console session, you must specify the /console option after mstsc.exe command.

Maybe it would be fine to use MMC snap-in called Remote Desktops (it's something different than Remote Desktop Client). In Remote Desktops you can define in the connection properties whether the session should be run as console or RDP.

Simply said: only 2 RDP and 1 Console session are allowed, while console session can be also established remotelly. It seems that both of you are using console session (as mentioned by the guys above).

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