View the free space on the local store

My local store says that there is only 4 gb of disk space left out of almost a TB of storage. I have 3 vm's totaling about 400GB altogether, how do I find out where all the storage has gone?
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From the VIClient open the store (double click) from the summary tab.

Are snapshots being used?
pwtadmAuthor Commented:
I had deleted some snapshots the other day. When I open teh data store browser and search for snapshots, only one appears it's about 18mb in size.
pwtadmAuthor Commented:
Using fast scp i see some delta files that are significan tin size
Nowe you can see that you have guests in snapshot. Can you delete the snapshots?
vmwarun - ArunCommented:
Another alternative way to check for Snapshots is to navigate to the Local Storage Area and check for *.vmsn and *.vmsd files.

Please note the deleting snapshots randomly can corrupt VMs resulting in loss of data.

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