Suggestion on how to split internet connection in office building to have private network?

An executive in my company is moving into a small office building that has Verizon Fios installed.  There are other office suites available.  What is the best way to get the internet connection, but keep my network private from the other companies that occupy offices.
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ccosbyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Another option is to just get him his own internet connection as well.

Anyway I've seen a lot of places just have a basic router that has everyone on 1 vlan. People then put their own routers behind that to separate their internal network. You will still have the ability for someone to try to capture data that is going out to the internet though.

Others will vlan it(which is nice) so each office is on its own vlan and can't see the others.

Third option is to have multiple routers each with their own external static ip address.
You could put in a router behind the fios connection and have your stuff split off from the rest of the office.

Another option would be to have them get multiple static ips. That way you can hook multiple routers in behind it and each will have its own external ip as well.
jeffmaceAuthor Commented:
I have not seen the setup yet, but I am assuming that they have a route that goes to each office.  So I can put in another router from the Cat 5 cable that goes to my "network room" and make a private network from there.

I will ask if they have multiple static IPs.
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