Transition to Exchange 2007 will 2003 OWA still work?

I plan to run exchange 2003 and 2007 side by side until next friday night where I will then transisition the legacy mailboxes over to the new server, reroute the mailflow to exchange 2007 and decommission exchange 2003.

My AD is already prepped and am about to install exchange 2007, however, it is not clear to me if I will still  be able to use Exchange 2003 OWA for legacy mailboxes until they are moved to the new exchange 2007.  Can 2003 OWA still be used for legacy mailboxes?  Like mentioned previously...I am waiting to move the mailboxes and reroute till next friday.  Just want to be able to familiaze myself with policies and such before the move, routing changing and outlook anywhere setup.
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Yes you can still use the 2003 OWA, as long as the mailboxes are located on the Exchange 2003 server and your firewall/DNS is still configuring to route incoming HTTP/HTTPS traffic to the 2003 server.
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