How do I remove unknown (and absent) devices from device manager in Vista 64?

I tried to connect my Nokia e71 to my ASUS g71 notebook (vista 64 premium) via bluetooth but made the mistake of doing so before I install Nokia PC Suite.  After Vista couldn't find the necessary drivers, I installed PC Suite and everything went fine.  However, Vista won't forgive my initial error and runs "Install New Hardware Wizard" after every boot.  As a temporary solution, I disabled the devices, which keeps the wizard from starting, but I'd like to permanently remove the three disabled bluetooth devices that show up in device manager.  I've tried installing drivers through device manager but to no avail.  Device manager says that it can't find the right drivers (after looking on the computer, the install disk, and the internet.)  Any ideas?
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davebuhlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Two options you should be able to do.
First, right-click the devices in device manager and choose uninstall.  It will ask you if you want to delete the files associated with them, choose yes.  If the devices are no longer plugged in to your computer, that should keep it from coming up again.
Second, during the New Hardware Wizard, it should give you options for installing: Automatically, Not right now, or Never for this device.  Choose Never for this device and you should also not get prompted again.
souseranConnect With a Mentor Commented:

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