Terminal Services - Flash Player not detected on IE7 but is installed & works on the Administrator Account

I am working in a school which has 15 Thin Client Devices & 1 Central TS Server. A few weeks ago all of a sudden Flash stopped being detected on most of the Educational Websites this is true for all accounts apart from the Administrator. The school is more or less at a halt as all of their Educational Websites run through Flash Player. I have Relaxed all IE security & even added some users to the Domain Administrators Group & still they cannot access anything. When i go to Adobe Flash Download it states i have the latest version & i have even reinstalled flash completely to no avail. All Help & comments are welcome
James WilkinsonNetwork ManagerAsked:
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I assume that the clients login via Remote Desktop Connection, and you can check few settings in the RDP Options on the login screen. Under the Experience tab, is anythign disabled?

Other than tht, have you checked the IE Advanced settings for any restrictions. I suggest you reset all the IE settings to default and see if that makes any difference.
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James WilkinsonNetwork ManagerAuthor Commented:
I am about to Uninstall using the Adobe Uninstall util & i will Re install using the Installer which Brum07 has pointed me to.

Also Would MSWarrior explain to me which settings would need to be set in IE Advanced Settings i don't believe i have set any in here.

James WilkinsonNetwork ManagerAuthor Commented:
I have Uninstalled & Re-Installed using the First Suggestion from Brum07

Also I have just Changed the Flash10b.ocx file in the C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\ Folder to Flash.ocx as described in the second article Brum07 posted on his first comment.

I will reboot the server tonight & test if this has worked from a Terminal Client Tomorrow.

Fingers Crossed
James WilkinsonNetwork ManagerAuthor Commented:
None of this worked. I havnt changed any IE Advanced settings though and i could do with a list of them which needs changing please if anyone knows.

The Administrator can access flash apps while logged into thin clients but no other users can it just says please install flash but they cannot as they do no have the permission to do so.
James WilkinsonNetwork ManagerAuthor Commented:
I have just downloaded the Permissions Article from Adobe.com. This Article shows all of the Registry Entries that all users need Full Access to & Directories which all users need Write Permission Assigned.

I restarted after setting them all & Reinstalled Flash as Adobe.com Suggested.

Still it says when a pupil in our Year 5 set uses Education City or Cbeebies Website Flash not detected please install flash.

Is it me or did Flash 9 work perfectly fine without all this permissions restricting anyone other than Administrators? Could i downgrade to Flash 9 or 8?

As i remember this problem just popped up over night around about when i upgraded to flash 10.
what TS server? 2008
have you got auto updates enabled, did the system up date IE 8

If win 2008 could try turning off ESC for users in server manager.
James WilkinsonNetwork ManagerAuthor Commented:
I have Windows Server 2003 32bit Standard Edition Installed. I have got Auto Updates Enabled & i currently have internet explorer 7 installed. So far i have added the Pupils Security Group from Active Directory to the Power Users Group on the Server to see if that works for now. I know its not best practise & it could open up a massive bag of worms but i have had weeks if not months of stressed teachers complaining.

Cheers CDblind
James WilkinsonNetwork ManagerAuthor Commented:
Nothing has seemed to work i have just tried to downgrade to flash 9 but that didnt work. I have also been back in touch with Adobe Support & they said do a whole bunch of stuff, i did it all slowly & followed the instructions word for word.

The next thing i am going to try is downgrading Internet Explorer. Failing this i think i am screwed.
James WilkinsonNetwork ManagerAuthor Commented:
Finally downgraded IE7 & all works fine. Usually i would of done this first i cannot believe i over looked this & the school has had no Flash for months.

If anyone else has this problem do this first i believe IE8 has the same problem due to security settings maybe it would be good if someone could put the correct settings on here to enable limited users to be able to detect flash.
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