Proper DNS configuration for Server 2008 behind a router

I have a Windows 2008 Enterprise Server.  I want to install AD and therefore obviously need DNS installed.  I have a Linksys 600n router running DD-WRT.  How do I properly configure DNS?  I'm going to have my server as primary DNS @  I was going to use my router for DHCP.  I assume that I will have the router point to the DNS server as primary as well, then have the server go out to my ISP's DNS or Open DNS, etc for forwarding requests?  In the past, I have had my server point to my router for forwarding requests and my router points to OpenDNS for it's primary.  But looking back , that seems sort of stupid.

Thanks in advance.
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Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

That all sounds absolutely fine to me.

As long as all your network clients (and the server) only look to your server for DNS resolution AD will be happy.

I agree that forwarding to the router, to forward somewhere else is a bit pointless, shorter paths are better :)

RLLSTechAuthor Commented:
How's that for easy points?  I just wanted verification that my assumptions were correct.

Thanks for the quick reply!
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

No worries, good luck with it :)

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