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On our windows 2008 terminal server we need to use windows mail as an mail client. This works when a user is not switched between servers, but the settings are not saved when a user is loggedout and logged in on another terminal server the settings are lost.

Is there a way to save this settings to the user profile? The mail account is saved but the messages are lost. Hopefully someone can help me, one of our clients needs this!
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tigermattConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Windows Mail stores its data files in the local Application Data directory, which is not included in a Roaming Profile and will therefore not be available on multiple servers.

I would suggest you consider looking into IMAP. This means data remains on the mail server and is not downloaded locally, and it is therefore accessible from any location. Alternatively, you can move each user's Windows Mail storage location to a network location, either elsewhere in their Roaming Profile or on a network share: Bear in mind that this must be done for each user.

rtjdamenAuthor Commented:
We couldn't change the store to an network location from windows mail itself. But from the registry i could change it to the users home drive. Great solution thanks!
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