SSL VPN on Cisco UC520?

We have a Cisco UC520 and need to setup an ssl vpn for our remote users to connect back to our LAN. The users are mobile users who use laptops, so site-to-site will not work for us. Is this possible and, if so, how do we configure this?
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Let's start here.  The UC520 is for VOIP.  It is not a firewall, and as such is not intended to act as a VPN gateway.

That said, your question "is it possible".  In theory it is possible if you can obtain the necessary secure IOS software package and load onto the router.  This will open up the command set you need to configure VPN tunnels.  Would I try?  Not in a million years (you want your phone communication to remain as stable as possible, right?).

If you have a firewall, use it for your VPN.  If you do not already have a firewall, I recommend getting one.  You are already a Cisco shop, so a Cisco ASA might be your first choice.  I am not terribly keen on Cisco firewalls though, and would recommend looking at the Juniper Netscreen.  On the lower-end, 3COM makes a deacent OfficeConnect series that supports SSL and PPTP VPNs.  SnapGear also seems to make a fairly deacent low-end (cheap) unit.
I disagree with the answer/solution.  The main reason for the UC520 is for a branch/Office in a box. To limit the number of devices a small office will need.  If you start adding firewall appliances, third party switches etc.. it will only complicate the configuration for the users.

The UC520 does support SSL & IPSec VPN and is configurable via CCA since version 2.0 I believe.  I have it running on my production system and several demo boxes. Works great and is a nice alternative to the IPSec VPN client.

As for the firewall the Cisco IOS  firewall, which is what UC520 is running, is a wonderful firewall.  If you need a more advanced firewall,  yes, I agree the ASA would be a good bet.

Just my .02
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