Auto Accept Agent on Exchange 2007 Mailbox (not resource) - is it possible?

Hi Everyone,

I'm relatively new to Exchange 2007 and was curious to see if there is was a way to enable the auto accept agent on Exchange similar to a resource mailbox but for just one standard mailbox user. I'd be surprised if the answer was no, as I know you could do this with Exchange 2003. I know the standard command to enable resource mailbox auto accept on the entire server is Get-Mailbox | where {$_.ResourceType -eq "Room"} | Set-MailboxCalendarSettings -AutomateProcessing:AutoAccept but I was hoping this could be modified to be enabled for just one users mailbox.

Many thanks in advanced!
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This is the closest you can get to the solution you are expecting
Nitin Gupta (gupnit)
Smoothie247Author Commented:
Hey Nitin:

Thanks for the suggestion. I actually tried this before posting the question and it didn't seem to work but this time, it worked fine... Go figure... ;)

Thanks again
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