Exchange User is receiving email addressed to others

I've an AD user with a mailbox that receives email addressed to non existent users in the domain.
I know you think that there is a forwarding setup on another account but that's not the case. I've looked at the admin mailbox - there is no forwarding there etc. User doesn't have admin privileges it's only in Users group in AD. When I look at the Option of the emails received they are sent only to old, none existent addresses in the organization. The person who is getting the email is not in the Options of the email.
We are using Exchange 2000
I'm lost - Mark
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marine7275Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like a spam/spoofing issue...

Check out the previous post, it will give you some insight on what may be going on.
mgitAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot - I think I understand mail spoofing, but this doesn't explain why user would be receiving mail addressed in the Options of the email to some one else.
I assume if there are multiple recipients than all would be showing in the Options.
I hope some one  can shed a little light on this.

MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the senders are listed in the BCC field then you wouldn't see them in the headers.

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