Amperage usage on servers for UPS calculations

We are looking to get some new UPS back ups for our cabinets and i was wondering if there is a list of some sort that displays common servers and their amperage usage.

Or if anyone knows what the amperage usage is on a dell power edge 2550 and 2850?
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Andres PeralesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For planning purposes you should look up the technical specs for that type of server.
PE 2550 -
PE 2850 -
Also take into account redundant power supplies.
Normally, amperage is figured out by taking the Wattage for the server and dividing it by the voltage that you are going to use for it.
So for the 2850 based on the wattage it would be drawing 6.3 Amps at 110 voltage. If you use 220 voltage you amps will go down!  220 power is more efficient.
The average amperage would probably be about 1.5 Amps occasionally spiking at 3 per server.  You might want to consider getting a UPS that offers a load gauge so you have an idea of the load on the UPS.  A lot of the new ones have a digital gauge or a bar gauge.  
The best way to find this out is install Dell's Open Manage product on each server. It will give you what your looking for and much much more...
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