Custom Agurments that include Apostrophe (') from input with Powershell

Hi, I am trying to write a powershell or VB script to take an input and copy the entire input to the clipboard in an ordered format.  Within this copy I need to convert UTC time to local time including the DST offset when needed.  

=====Sample input====
script.ps1 -a:'Hello' -b:'$Time$' -c:'This is a string with some apostrophes' in it's messing up powershell'

====Sample Output I would Like copied to clipboard====
Server Name: Hello
Time:  Whatever time in local time
Description from Alert:
This is a string with some apostrophes' in it's messing up powershell

Use that in the code below.  The problem is that the C variable is an Alert from SCOM, and sometimes the alert includes apostroophes and errors the script.  I have loaded PSX (Powershell Extentions) and using the out-clipboard and that is working great.  Again it works if there are no apostrophies in C variable.  How can I fix this.  VBscript is acceptable also, and I thank you in advanced for any help.  Also the input time format is as follows:
5/1/2009 5:20:02 PM
That part of my script does work.
param($a, $b, $c)
[datetime]$AlertraisedUTC = $b
#=======Converts UTC to Local time====
$tzfind = Get-WMIObject -Class win32_Timezone
$localTZoffset =  $tzfind.Bias
If ((Get-Date).IsDaylightSavingTime() -eq "True")
$localTZoffset = $tzfind.Bias - $tzfind.DaylightBias 
$localtime = New-Object System.TimeSpan 0, 0, $localTZoffset, 0, 0
$b = $AlertraisedUTC.add($localtime)
$d = "Description from Alert:"
[string]$cliptext = "Server Name: $a `
`n Time: $b `
`n $d `
`n $c "
Out-Clipboard $cliptext
If ($cliptext) {Write-Host "Copied to clipboard"}

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Unisys1Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It seems as though I am unable to do what I want to do here.  Since I am unable to determine if the input data includes a " or a ' then I cannot send the variable through as an argument.
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Double quotes instead of single quotes, and escape the apostrophe with `. e.g.

$TroublesomeString = "This string is trouble, isn`'t it?"

Single Quotes behave differently and you won't be able to escape the meaning of ' if using those (because it treats ` as a regular character with no special meaning).

Is that something you can implement prior to calling the script?

Unisys1Author Commented:
Ah I see what you mean, except I cannot control the input that is fed to the script

I fee the script:

script.ps1 -a:'$Name$' -b:'$Time$' -c:'$AlertDescription$'

Scom automatically fills in the double dollar sign variables, I cannot modify what is put into those variables so I cannot change:

"This string is trouble, isn't it?"
With a tick before the 't:
"This string is trouble, isn`'t it?"

Btw, those double dollar variables are only examples they are not actual SCOM variable fields.
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Cool, I'd assumed as much since you weren't having problems with those :) Besides, if the value was already in a string the ' wouldn't be a problem :)

Anyway, looking again it seems to be quite happy with this kind of thing:

$StringValue = "A string with an apostrophe here '. But it's fine."

Which would suggest that it should also be happy with this:

script.ps1 -a:'$Name$' -b:'$Time$' -c:"$AlertDescription$"

It looks very much like you only need to escape the apostrophe if the string itself is enclosed in them.

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