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I have created a Delphi database application with SQL server. I used ado and SQL Native driver 10 ODBC.
I have installed on the target machine sql server 2005, on the programming machine I had sql server express 2008 also. I included the sql native client 10 driver in the setup (installshield 2008 trial), but when I try to install the application says error (some number) cannot install sql client verify that exists (something) but there is already sql server2005 and client.

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well ,you must download the file (sql server) from Microsoft and then run setup again this time including the file.
I do not have the installshield on my pc so cant help you with that.
But I think it is easy adding the file.If I remember correctly IS starts by adding the files to your application.
So you add your app and add the sql server installation file.Try and do some testing...It is easy really ...
Unfortunately that's not much to work with.
1) We need the error message
2) Your description isn't clear at all
3) Are you getting this error while you are installing the application or when you are running the installed application
4) In your installation, if you are installing the sql server database, how is it being installed, e.g. via a merge module? or via extracting an exe file and running that, if so some details on what is being installed might be useful.

I won't be able to help you anyway because I don't use SQL Server, and the only chance you have of another expert being able to help you is if they've experienced your error (which you do not provide in full) and happen to know exactly what you're talking about.

We cannot help you unless you provide us enough information to help. Good luck.
you have probably messed up installshield installation.
sql server is allready on the machine .
you have probably run IS with the include SQL server option but have not added the server installation file.
That is why you get "cannot install sql client verify that exists ".
kyriakos70Author Commented:
I think you're right how can I correct this, I included tyhe sql server option how can I include the file.

Thank you

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