Maximum pptp users on a cisco pix

How many users does a cisco pix 515e support using pptp?
Where do I look if it varies?
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It looks like supporting your 150 users should not be a problem.

The Cisco PIX 515E versatile one-rack-unit design supports up to six 10/100 Fast Ethernet interfaces, making it an excellent choice for businesses requiring a cost-effective, resilient security solution with "demilitarized zone" support. It also delivers up to 188 Mbps of firewall throughput with the capability to handle more than 130,000 simultaneous sessions.

It depends on the version I believe:
Check out this previous post:

the PIX software version 7.0 and 7.1 do NOT support the use of PPTP. Please refer to the release notes:

L2TP was added in 7.2, but there is still no support for PPTP. The recommendation from Cisco is to use IPSec-based VPN instead.

Otherwise, the configuration format for VPN has changed between 6.x and 7.x - things like fixup and isakmp preshared keys have changed syntax or structure, but the upgrade mechanism should translate those for you. But plenty of testing is required and some minor issues are to be expected.

As for the ASDM, you should use the one that corresponds to the version of the PIX image you are using, i.e. 5.0(8) if you are using PIX 7.0(8).

infrastructureadminAuthor Commented:
We have version 6.35 and are not upgrading
and currently have 20 vpn users, but with the possible pandemic virus that may move up to 150 users.
infrastructureadminAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much!
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