How do I populate a specific column based on other columns in the same table?

I am trying to populate a column with concated values from other columns in the same table.  This 'new column' is blank and needs to be filled like so:

1  |   2  |  3  |  4  | new colum
a  |  b  |  c  |  d  |       abcd
e  |  f  |  g  |  h  |        efgh

and so on.  Can I construct a query that will fill every row of 'new column' with the values from the other 4 columns?
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Patrick MatthewsCommented:
UPDATE SomeTable
SET NewColumn = COALESCE([1], '') + COALESCE([2], '') + COALESCE([3], '') + COALESCE([4], '')
edgecrusher762Author Commented:
Thanks a ton.  Works perfectly.
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