Not enough memory

not enough memorymavailable to complete this operation,quit one or more applications to increase avilable memory and try agin. I am recieving this message whenever I use my headphone mic for recording or chatting.
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Try this:

Right-click My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Performance > Settings > Visual Effects:

Click on "Adjust for best performance"
Check "Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop"
Check "Use visual styles on windows and buttons"

Click the "Advanced" tab:

Under Virtual Memory, click the "Change" button
Make sure "Custom Size" is checked
For "Initial Size", type: 3000
For "Maximum Size", type: 3000
Click the "Set" button
Click the "OK" button
Click the next "OK" button

Download and run ccleaner (

Download and run Auslogics Disk Defrag (

Restart your computer

If the above solution doesn't help you, you will have to install more RAM on your computer.

You either have too much open or you need to increase memory in your machine. Have you tried closing any apps you are not using? Close down taskbar items?
Can we see a screenshot of your Task Manager Processes window?
please check what is the available hard disk space that you have?
If you are using windows sound recorder and have 2gb of ram or more, this is a KNOWN issue. It is a design limitation using windows recorder and pc's with more than 2gb of ram.

Read more here

If you are using sound recorder, find a recording application that doesn't have this glitch.

If not rick_gwu post above is extremely helpful!
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