How do I set up BES VM in SBS 2008?

I run a Small Business Server 2008 box and my users are carping for Blackberry support. Since Blackberry Professional Software is not SBS 2008 compatible (and apparently about the get the axe altogether), I was wondering what the best approach to implement a BES. I saw on posting on EE about setting up a VM of SBS 2008, but I have only limited experience with virtualizations and was looking for some further guidance how to do it. Can anyone give me some general steps or is there a "how to" guide anywhere I can referred to? Google has only turned up that people seem to have had good experience using VMWare ESX to do it, but I can't seem to find HOW they did it.
Thanks much!
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KaffiendConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ESX runs on bare metal.  If you have SBS 2008 installed, you can't run ESX on that box.

With the bad news out of the way, here's the good news:  You can run VMWare Server 2.x or 1.0.x.  Both will work just fine inside your SBS 2008 box.  You can use them to create a VM where you run your BES server.  You still need a Windows server license, though.  VMware is not the only game in town, either.  You could try Hyper-V if it supports your processor.

One caveat is that if your SBS 2008 box is running on barely adequate hardware, then maybe you shouldn't do it - it will slow things down.  
Paul SolovyovskyConnect With a Mentor Senior IT AdvisorCommented:
If you configure ESX on hardware that has Intel Virtualization available (most dual and quad core CPUs do) you can confiugre SBS2008 as a VM (do a P2V) you can then configure a second windows server to act as your BES server.  If you have enough cpu and memory you should be able to run both systems on the same hardware.

VMWare Server and Hyper-V will also work but ESX gives you the best performance since ti doesn't require an OS (windows) underneath.  I would check your hardware to ensure that it's on the VMWare HCL.
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